Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ah... Gillian makes amends

Gillian buried the hatchet with Shaun.

She said that her pathetic performance in the bathtub challenge was because she got her period 2 hours before the trial. Hang on, we thought she was pregnant! It's a miracle!

Alison and Kayla take part in the voting scam sing off. Ironic as Kayla hasn't really done a trial yet, and she turned down the tunnel one because it involved bugs. And now they're going to stick bugs in her mouth. Giant, wriggling bugs. With legs and everything.

Still, as a former Playboy model, we're sure she's had worse. At least the giant stick insect won't try to convince her she has a promising career ahead of her.

"Come on! Get it in my mouth!" she shouted at the ranger. Alison was really sweating now, she thought Kayla was going to be a pushover and she could eat all the bugs herself. Then she found out that she had to spit the bugs out and gave up. We think she asked for mayonnaise at one point...

Ant and Dec said that they should hold the giant burrowing cockroach gently in their lips so as not to harm it. And then for the tie-break? A drink of pureed coackroaches.... hang on, didn't that harm them??

No cockroaches have been harmed in the making of this blog... unfortunately.

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