Friday, 26 November 2010

Alas poor Opik, for I knew him well

Goodbye Lembit.

No more to say about that, really.

As for Jenny and Alison's Starbugs challenge, how unfair was that? They had to eat far more than Shaun and Gillian did, and Jesus, pureed eyeballs.

At one point, Jenny said, "I've had worse", and we thought she was going to say, "I've had worse in the real Starbucks"!

Yeah, so have we. And £16 for two drinks and two cakes. Crikey.

Alison did well to keep it down, although we did think that she only opted out of eating a couple so no-one would realise that she had volunteered just so she could fill her face.

Gillian's the life and soul of the party now that she's figured out she can just dig her heels in and someone else will bale her out. We bet she wishes she'd figured that out sooner!

Gillian was so pleased to know she was the most Googled of the sell-ebrities. If only she knew why, she might not be so chuffed. You build your TV career on shit, don't be surprised that that's what it turns to.

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