Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Aw... poor old Stacey

Not content with the fame and fortune afforded by last year's X Factor, Stacey Solomon is in the jungle. She has the innocence of a child, the heart of an angel and the nose of a hairy anteater. Cute.

We think that the X Factor's producers did Stacey a major disservice, editing the program to make her appear like a bit of a dope, to be frank.

In the jungle, she has showed her competitors a clean pair of intellectual heels, out-arguing Linford Christie, Dom Joly and others. Go girl! Girl power!

No seriously, respect.

And what happens when Stacey turns her razor sharp intellect and brutal honesty onto Gillian McKeith? Oh, the fainting poo prodder turned nasty, showing her true colours.

She didn't like what Stacey had to say. As Sheryl Gascoine said, the truth hurts. And how did she deal with it? By taking Stacey to one side, in private, which is what manipulative liars do, and telling Stacey that she loves her very much and wants to be her bestest bestest friend, and that it's all Stacey's fault, and she doesn't know what a true phobia is. No Gillian, she might not. And neither do you.

We think Stacey should win. We like her a lot.

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