Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cannon Fodder

Kelvin MacKenzie said in the post Apprentice autopsy that Stuart Baggs is great and every sales team should have one.

He's right. Not because Stuart is a great salesman but because he's utterly blinded by his own ego and eager to do anything to please his boss, or his father, or priest, or whoever it is he pretends not to be trying to impress.

Every sales team needs a Stuart because he is what is known in the trade as cannon fodder. Give him a sales target, a laptop and a car with alloy wheels and he will throw himself to the lions. When a corporate buyer eats him alive, just shout "next!" and reload.

But still, Stuart's a walking talking real life entrepreneur. He can do it all himself. He doesn't need a team.

He's what we call a 'one man brand'

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