Thursday, 25 November 2010

Come Slap With Me

The dinner guest with the face like an angry warthog tried to distract the young French gentleman by shoving her cleavage in his face and promising him a slap that he would look forward to. We're fairly certain from the look on his face that he really wasn't looking forward to it.

What do you call someone who bakes? A baker. What do you call someone who gardens? A gardener. What do you call someone who slaps? You get the picture.

So she went ahead and gave him a little taster, a little pat on the bottom. And you know what? He told her to keep her hands to herself. Good for him.

He said, "this is my space and that is your space". She tried to wrestle back control and save face by saying, "but what's yours is mine", as if, just because she was a woman in a low cut top, she had the right to do whatever she wants. He countered with, "no, it's not", and she tried one last ditch attempt with, "but what's mine is yours!"

Seriously, you can keep it love.

Sexual harassment works both ways, you know.

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