Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dermot - presenter, contestant or judge?

What is going on with Dermot? Is he angling for a job as one of next year's judges? He turns up dressed like a bridegroom from 1973 and then argues with Simon about his opinion of the acts, then gives his own opinion. Every week he argues with Simon. Isn't that for the other judges to do?

We're not saying we agree or disagree with the judges, we just think that the presenters should introduce the act and do the interview and leave the judges to judge.

Oooh and he winds us up every time he calls a male contestant 'buddy'. They're not your buddies, you scene stealing gimp.

The female contestants? It's all hugging and kissing. In the early heats, he was backstage group hugging all the girls. Even on his woeful radio show, he's pandering to the ladies. He wa interviewing some singer we've never heard of and telling her how fantastic her grating wailing was.

He should leave the judging to the judges and stick to perving over the female contestants.

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