Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Doing a Gillian

Well, at first we felt a bit sorry for Gillian McKeith. What a sorry state. If she had that many phobias she shouldn't have signed up for the program.

Hang on though, she did sign up, and she knew full well what would be happening. So what's going on?

The shit sniffing one trick pony admitted in jail that she is only on the show (I'm a Celebrity, get Gillian out of my living room) to advance her TV career. She said that if she leaves the show her TV career will be over. No Gillian, your TV career will not be over because you voluntarily leave the jungle. It will be over because no-one wants to watch a whinging, lying turd tickler. You have had your 15 minutes, and believe me, if you are happy to be famous for what you're famous for, you've milked it for all you're worth. Well done, but enough is enough.

You're not a celebrity, so get out of there!

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