Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dom Joly - what a surprise

Keeping his cool and showing absolutely the right way to deal with the screaming, wailing log lover, Dom Joly stood in a flooded lobster cage and calmly said, "Why are you screaming? It's a box?"

When he came into the jungle, we thought that Dom looked a bit of a ponce, but he's surprised us. He got stuck in and took Jenny's advice to treat Gillian like a 10 year old girl to heart. Good show.

The one downside is that thanks to his lack of pandering, she got 5 stars which means that the other sell-ebrities feel bad about slagging her off behind her back. Yes she lied about giving up on the challenge like a pathetic little girl. Yes she cheated and put salt in the food. Yes she's manipulative. Yes she made Stacey cry. Yes she copped out of a challenge by pretending to faint. Yes she tried to tell Shaun what to do. Yes she woke him up in the night with her whinging. Yes she's a blatant attention seeker. But she won us some dinners! A goat's leg! And vegetables!

Oh, how can we tell the faint was fake? Was it the theatrical hand to brow? The gentle collapse onto the floor?

No, much more subtle. It was the way that she warned Dom Joly that she wasn't feeling well. She thought it would be more convincing if she said something beforehand, but what she was actually doing was setting up the con. And the only person she's conning is..... her agent.

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