Sunday, 28 November 2010

How many keys?

Here's more evidence of Gillian's lies and manipulation. She floats around in the bubble bath doing absolutely sod all. She can't even count rubber ducks. Shaun, despite hating the cold water (and what man doesn't?) recovered 162 keys.

So we saw all this with our own eyes, including Shaun's completely reasonable language and behaviour. We think we would have accidentally drowned her, so Shaun really is showing super-human patience.

Then she arrives back in camp after some time and whispers "Dom, can you help me with something?" AS IF NO-ONE KNOWS WHAT SHE MEANS!!

Because of course, no-one will have been talking about her will they?

Dom said no. Good boy! So that forced her hand. And then she goes round telling everyone how much abuse she had to suffer from Shaun.

So here's the difference. Shaun sat down and told everyone, all at once, what had happened. He admitted that he should have kept his temper, he was even mad at himself. Everyone understood.

Gillian went round and picked people off one by one, trying to draw them into her lies and manipulation. She tried to get them to feel sorry for her.

Shaun asked her how many keys she got, she said loads. He said how many, she couldn't answer. The number, should she need reminding, was 2 out of 162. Because she's a pathetic, lazy slacker who only knows how to tell your health from your poo. Hmm... I think you've been eating something brown and smelly. Just goes to show how hungry the TV viewing public are for court jesters and freak shows.

And then she goes into the diary room and tells us - the TV crew and viewers - that it was all Shaun's fault.

The dopey crap caressing... oh we're so mad we could spit feathers. She thinks that no-one saw what happened? It was on national television! What riles us most is that she will get loads of media attention when she finally gets kicked out, which she will when the public finally realise that she is not worth the cost of a vote any more. She has ceased to be entertaining. Let's throw her where she belongs.

We get madder and madder writing this, just thinking about her!

We say Shaun for King of the Jungle and Stacey for Queen. And then they should have a royal wedding and upstage that pair of tax sucking horse faced benefit  fraudsters that apparently do so much for the country. How romantic.

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