Monday, 29 November 2010

I'm not a quitter!

Gillian is out..... Saints be praised!!

She said, "I'm not a quitter"... no, she gives up before she even starts.

She's so happy to leave, only because she wants to upstage her fellow inmates who are more happy than she is.

She says to that she didn't see the program before she came on it, so she didn't really know what the trials involved. Yeah right. What a liar. Even if she hadn't seen the show, don't you think she would have signed disclaimers, waivers, contracts, agreements and so on and so forth, during which time everything would have been clearly explained.

Anthony and Declan were itching to tell on her, every time they've spoken to a celebritoid, they've tried to tell them that she just gave up. Bad timing though, because all the celeeebs weren't listening, they were far too preoccupied with the bugs. Their best attempt was with Jenny after her trial, but she just wanted to get a wash and couldn't be bothered with someone who she clearly despises anyway.

"I have a history of fainting, when I stood up my legs turned to jelly and my head started spinning"

Yeah, we felt the same when we had to sit through your whining.

And who left the poo on the seat? Kayla's way off the mark with Dom, don't be fooled by his sniggering. No, all the evidence points to one person. Who would poo on the seat so they could get up and look at it? And who attempted misdirection by saying it probably belonged to someone who had been eating cake. WHAT CAKE?

We're so happy that the public have chewed her up and spat her out at last.

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