Sunday, 28 November 2010

Relight my fire....

Jenny and Stacey's slapstick performance was masterful.

As part of their secret agent mission, they had to put out the fire, so they hatched a dastardly plan to tip a pan of water all over it. Brilliant. Except it didn't put the fire out.

So Jenny, wracked with guilt, managed to get everyone else to leave the camp - their camp - so that she could redeem herself in privacy. Genius.

She even got a cuddle off big ol' lovin' manhandlin' Linford. He's in serious competition with Dermot the Pervot.

Once the coast was clear, she poured a bit more water on the embers to kill the fire altogether. She should have put a note on saying "Gillian did it" and then run off to hide.

Of course, if Lembit had still been in, there's no way he would have let Jenny and Stacey within a 10 yard perimeter of the fire. His fire. His baby. He unleashed his primal instincts all over the camp.

Lembit make fire! Ugh! Fire good!

He's back at the hotel right now, making cave paintings on the bathroom wall.

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