Friday, 26 November 2010

Would you eat out of Gillian's pants?

Would we bloody hell. And she was so bloody smug about it!!

I think this proves what we've been saying all along. She is a dump diving, attention seeking, lying, cheating nasty piece of work, and the only phobia she has is the fear that no-one is talking about her.

Let's review.

When she starts getting chosen for challenges, we get the wailing and screaming. Lots of attention. Lots of sympathy. Cuddles from Linford.

But the public carried on voting for her, so she had to up the ante. Fainting.

But that didn't work either. So she just plain opted out of the next challenge and lied to cover up her utter pathetic failure. It was too difficult. It didn't work at all. I couldn't get it to work. We couldn't believe that Dom Joly didn't tell the others about her lies, especially as Ant and Dec were just desperate to stir things up. Even Sheryl Gascoine, at her exit interview, didn't bite. We don't think she quite understood what they were trying to tell her, really.

Winning 5 stars with Dom's expert guidance got her off the hook for a while.

The next challenge, Kangaroo Court, she cheated. But she didn't like being caught out, so she made prison as much of a misery for the others as she could.

What next? Singing and dancing! There is absolutely nothing wrong - in a medical sense - with her. No phobias. Just an overpowering and desperate need to manipulate and control the people around her.

When she was finally caught out for smuggling, she took such delight in showing the camera what she was handing in. She was basically sticking her fingers up at the producers and saying, "Ha ha, I got all this past you. I don't care that you caught me, I already got away with it".

And the other contestants, upon hearing that they had been dining on the contents of her pants?

We're sure they'd all rather be eating Kangaroo 'parts'.

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