Wednesday, 24 November 2010

You've Been Fired At

So poor old Christopher is gone. A shame, a pity, a great loss, but not a surprise. He is the best candidate to run an operation, but Lord Sugar isn't looking for someone to run an operation, he's looking for someone to sell televisions to shops and doctor's surgeries after Lee resigned from that wonderful job.

We predict that Christopher will have some great job offers as a result of his performance on The Apprentice. Why?
  1. He's clearly a great organiser and implementer - he gets things done
  2. He's one of very few people who didn't defend himself in the boardroom by slagging off his colleagues
  3. He's the only candidate so far who sat in the taxi and said he would learn from his experience - the others all said "I don't need Alan Sugar, I'm going to be successful, and I didn't want an ice cream anyway"
And when he appeared on the post show autopsy, he came across as professional and composed. In comparison, Alex and Melissa came across as utter idiots, and the only reason that they need to pursue their entrepreneurial instincts is that we can't see anyone offering them a job after they made utter buffoons of themselves on national TV.

'I'm a great pitcher', lamented Melissa. Meet my nephew, Bubbles the chimp.

The one thing missing from this week's autoposy was 'the one that got away', which in our opinion was.... Jamie. What a git. Turning down the 9:00 meeting because he was too lazy to get out of bed? However, there's no guarantee that they would have won the order, so you can't really blame it all on him.

Let's not overlook the error of Chris who gave the door to door sales half of the task - definitely the toughest half - to two people who are not salesmen - Christopher and Jamie. Unfortunately, while we like Chris a lot, he doesn't have enough sales experience himself to recognise why Jamie and Christopher aren't salesmen. Do you know? Answers on a postcard...

Goodbye Christopher, we think you'll do very well for yourself.

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