Monday, 13 December 2010

Has Stuart Bagged it?

Stuart Baggs, the self proclaimed queen of the universe and one man brand, is apparently a telecoms millionaire at the age of 21.

Now, either he has achieved this in complete secrecy, or he has been looking in the mirror, snarling, "You're a tiger!" at his own reflection and mistaking himself for Peter Jones again.


Google "Stuart Baggs" and see what happens.


For such a rampant self publicist, he is veeeeery quite on the Internet. How can this be?

We've been checking out the contestants' Twitter authorities, and found that not many of them have Twitter accounts, so presumably they have some kind of gagging clause in their contract until after the final is aired. Because, of course, they all knew who won The Apprentice many months ago. That's why you can't place a bet on it at the bookies.

Why wouldn't Stuart have an obvious website for his telecoms company? Social media profiles? Etcetera, etcetera?

Because he has already won.

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