Thursday, 2 December 2010

Iceberg Letters

When ya gooooooo will ya send baaaaaaaaack a letter from Australia

Take a looooooook up the railtrack, it's perfectly safe because all the trains are cancelled due to snow on the line.

Kayla got a load of sympathy from Jenny because she felt it more important to have a paddy and jump up and down than get on with the task and therefore her letter from home got burned. In fact, not hers but hers and Dom's, after Dom legitimately won his but gave Jenny hers instead out of pure kindness.

Shouldn't Jenny have been consoling Dom?

For the record, we don't believe their letters were actually burned. Some copies will mysteriously turn up at some point.

It might be Affro. It might be Kayla.

Who is it going to be? We can't stand the suspense.

Aggro! Who?

At least he can go back home with his head held high and say that he, Aggro (who?) chewed on a Kangaroo's private parts. As he himself said, it's something to tell his grankids about when he's older.

Mommy, is that a Werther's Original that Grandad's chewing?

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