Friday, 3 December 2010

The last Eclair in the cake shop

Jenny is shocked and delighted to be in the final three, but now it's all over for her.

We think that it's interesting that the celebs who made it furthest are the ones that seem genuinely, well, genuine. They didn't seem to have hidden agendas or games or be all out to win.

Maybe that explains why Aggro (who?) got so far? He did seem like a nice young man.

Oh, scrap that though. It doesn't explain Kayla.

OK, the celebs to bet on next year are:

  1. Ones who seem like genuine people who are prepared to learn from their own personal journey of self discovery
  2. Anyone in a tight swimsuit

So now it's time to vote for your king or queen of the jungle. As we said before, we think it would be more interesting to vote for the king or queen of England.

We predict that the next big reality TV show will be... the royal wedding.

Ladbrokes are already taking bets on who the bridesmaids will be....

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