Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A man who knows his onions.... oh wait, that might be a shallot

Gordon advised Alan that Stuart really knew his stuff, technically, and there might be a place for him in Amstrad. Figuring out user manuals for video recorders, perhaps.

The odd thing is that Gordon, in the interview with Stuart, quizzed the one man brand on whether he was fully licensed or not. It turned out that the answer was 'yes' in the context of 'Stuart's fantasy world' but 'no' in the context of 'Gordon's question'.

That in itself wasn't terribly odd, as Stuart has not exactly been a role model for integrity.

What was odd is that Gordon said that Stuart has a license to operate as an ISP. He knows what that means too. It means 'Internet Service Protocol', which is a communication format used in the Internet. Stuart nodded in delighted agreement. 'Yes, that's right' he eagerly chirped. He was so excited to find someone who could speak his techie language. Someone on his wavelength.

We thought that Gordon was just testing Stuart, saying something deliberately wrong to see how Stuart would react. But, astoundingly, no. Gordon really did appear to think that ISP means Internet Service Protocol, which it doesn't.

An ISP is an Internet Service Provider, a company that provides Internet services.

IP is Internet Protocol, a language used by computers to communicate over the Internet.

We suppose it's easy to confuse the two. It's like getting oil and a boil mixed up and putting the contents of the wrong one on your salad.

For a start, Stuart is 21. You'd expect him to be able to work an iphone and change the time on his microwave. That's what young boys with too much time on their hands, playing video games, are good at. It's no reason to hire one on £100,000 a year, though.

Gordon, we know what an ISP is. Can we have a job?

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