Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Official: Stuart Baggs wants to be a fish

Stuart says that his ridiculous comments such as...
  • The only thing that intimidates me is someone like me
  • I'm a big fish in a small pond (to which Claude replied, "You're not even a fish!)
  • I have to reign in my extreme masculinity
  • I'm Stuart Baggs the brand
  • Where's my spoon?!
...are actually just his humour, a strategy designed to dissipate stress. He is a straight up guy really, who doesn't take himself seriously and if you think that he's an annoying, irritating pratt, it's because you're trying to view him through a corporate filter, and he's quite unusual.

He always promised to work 24/7 but in every program he was the one peering out from under his duvet, groaning, "I don't want to go to school today!" Poor little kitten, he must have been up all night having fantastic ideas.

Karen Brady thinks that he will achieve anything that he wants in life. Fortunately, that involves him being in a pond.... face down?

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