Friday, 3 December 2010

Here's one we prepared earlier

Oh My God!

Oh My God!

Oh My God!

That was the general consensus as the celeberitees got back to the hotel. Big rooms, swimming pool, bacon and ice cream awaited them. And a massive tub of Maltesers for Alison, of course.

We saw the crew's dining tent, the transportation, the guides, the hotel and so on and so forth.

We also got a clue that all of the contesterants' families had been at the hotel since the start of the show, ready to wait, tearfully, for their loved ones should they be kicked out at a moment's notice. We did wonder how their families got to the end of the bridge so quickly. It turns out they were there all along.

Who is paying for all that?


Calls may cost considerably more from mobiles, because room service ain't cheap, you know.

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