Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I didn't do it...

Whingy Laura is gone at last. She's been on borrowed time, really.

Her catchphrase is, "If I could have another chance I can prove myself"

If she wants to prove herself so much, she should go and stand in the airing cupboard with a tea towel on her head....

It's always unfair for Laura. Outrageous. Someone else's fault. Everyone else's fault.

The girls' downfall  was truffles. Instead of buying them from a wholesaler, they bought them from a restaurant in Knightsbridge. Smart move. And then, knowing the price should be £2,000 per kg, Laura and Stella negotiated a round £200 for 50g. Now, let me think. £2,000 per 1000g, so for 50g that's erm.... 25... erm... carry the three... hang on a bit.... oh yes. £100. So they paid £100 over the odds, and they lost by £70.


But that's not the worst of it. Liz, the PM, told them expressly to call her before agreeing a price. And what did they do? They got all excited and bought the truffle, then called Liz afterwards and told her that they tried to call her but couldn't get through. What fibbers!!!

Laura said that she has never had the chance to speak up for herself. When she was PM for a task, she set a new record for the boardroom - zero orders.

We think she was better off keeping her gob shut.

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