Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hell's Kit-ching!

Gordon Ramsay's £8.5 Million contract with Channel 4 runs out this year.

According to the Guardian, he is paid:

$15m (£9.4m) a year for his work in the US

£20,000 for each of his hour-long Channel 4 programs

So what's next for Gordon? Apparently a possible travel show. Gordon Ramsay's Holiday Nightmares? Hell's Holiday? Gordon yelling at the airline stewardess about the contents of his breakfast snack box?

He could take over as the commentator for Come Dine With Me, he could actually be quite funny, although he might focus too much on the food, which is only part of the program's appeal.

Let's also not forget that he got doused in icy water for a gin advert. He could advertise rotten tomatoes too, that would be good.

He could take over from Jeremy Kyle on his holidays and say all the words that Jeremy is too shy to say, when he says, "You useless piece of whatever". We think that Gordon could find the appropriate words.

Overall, we still think that "I'm Gordon Ramsay, get this celebrity out of me" is his best bet to keep his face on the box.

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