Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hell's Kitchen... On Ice!!

Gordon is back with a new gang of 16 raw recruits, whittled down from 10,000 applicants. We think the researchers definitely went on aggravation factor, not culinary ability. Gordon was physically sick after trying one contestants Gumbo. It did look like a bowl of sick, though. And one gobby young lady (Sabrina) is sure to provide hours of fun, so she'll be in it until the end, regardless of whether she can cook or not. She served her dish up even though the others in the order weren't ready, thereby deliberately sabotaging her colleagues. She already had a run-in with Gordon for losing interest during the initial tasting session.

Raj was showing his colleagues his kung fu moves, while being incapable of doing anything in the kitchen, while some other speccy git (Trev) had 4 goes at putting some lettuce on a plate. For a start, 4 goes at putting lettuce on a plate is a disgrace, however Gordon's showing himself up, putting lettuce on a plate on the menu at his posh restaurant.

Meanwhile, on Come Dine With Me, one of the 3 female contestants said of the poor outnumbered man, "He's definitely playing a game here, he's trying to win". It's a bloody game show you daft tart!!

It's like Jim Bowen saying, "Hey! Don't throw those darts, you might damage the dartboard! Smashing! Super!"

She had previously had 4, or was it 5, goes at making meringues. First were underdone, second were overdone, third were perfect but she spilt dauphinoise potatoes on them, fourth were burnt black. She kept calling her patient husband and asking him to bring her more eggs, more castor sugar, and in the end just pulled the ones with potato on out of the bin! She should open a restaurant with the guy who can't put lettuce on a plate!

Some time ago, we predicted that an Australian version was coming, entitled Come Dine Under With Me. Well, lo and behold, such a beast has been unleashed on our screens, entitled Come Dine With Me Down Under. We think our title was better. Theirs sounds like some depraved act that we don't want to think about.

In the first episode, a woman got utterly drunk and licked the male host's chest. He carried on unbuttoning his shirt even after she had finished. Next night, he got utterly drunk and when the woman revealed she was married with two children, he said that he couldn't believe she was such a slut! Excellent.

And in the second episode, one contestant cooked.... barbie!

The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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