Monday, 30 May 2011

Britain's Got Cash!

An advert on ITV earlier said "ITV Bingo - You never know who the next winner's going to be!!"

Yeah... YOU don't know who the next winner's going to be, but we do.

Not that we're suggesting that following the telephone vote rigging scandals of a while back, ITV executives are still corrupt, swindling money grabbers.

We couldn't help noticing though that Simon Cowell is now back on Britain's Got Chesthair.

So, hand on... that means we have four judges in the live semi finals.

Which means that it's now possible for the judges to reach a tie.

Which means that they have to go the the viewing public to choose for them... by calling the 0898 vote line at £5 per minute and considerably more from mobiles.

What a surprise.

And the first act before Simon? Some scantily clad yet talentless girls. All front and no act. A bunch of nightclub dancers wearing as little as they can get away with, waving flaming torches in time to something, but not each other. Simon loved it, of course, but the girls would have screamed and jumped up and down regardless of his verdict.

"We're doing things that we've never done before in a performance"

Wait until the after show party, girls. Then you'll really know what it means to be hassled by The Hoff.

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