Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Did Piers Morgan Hassle the Hoff?

In a word, no.

In one of his amazing, in depth, probing, tough talking, sycophantic, pandering, luvvy TV interviews, Piers Morgan interviewed, ironically, David Hasslehoff, who has replaced Monsieur Morgan as a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

There is something seriously wrong with that guy.

He laughed at totally inappropriate times, talked extensively about all the women he's slept with, with his daughter in the audience, and gave an interview that sounded superficially emotional, revealing and authentic, but was in fact trivial and evasive.

Faced with questions about his alcoholism, he said that he 'honoured' the fact that his daughter had videoed him, allegedly just to show him how scary he was because she loved him and wanted him to stop being a pathetic wino, and somehow, the video ended up on YouTube. How could that have happened?

Then he had a little dig at Piers, saying that Piers had put the video on his website (as the editor of the Daily Mirror), and he thought that they had a personal relationship, and he was very hurt by that.

Well, if you don't want to be hurt, don't be an alcoholic. Simple.

Anyway, Piers replied in an astonishingly weasly way, saying that he didn't know they had put the video on there. He was the bloody editor!! We would have had some respect for Piers if he'd said, "I was the editor of a tabloid newspaper, what do you expect? If you don't want to be in an embarrassing video, get out and get yourself a job and don't get drunk you useless piece of whatever!!!"

Oh no, sorry, we were confusing Piers Morgan with Jeremy Kyle there.

Apparently, young David invented 'the Hoff' as a shield, a kind of caricature of himself to use as a public image. We didn't buy it one bit. David is the Hoff. It's his last ditch attempt to hang on to the limelight for just five more minutes.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.... just five more minutes. Then I promise I'll go to bed....

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