Saturday, 14 May 2011

McIntyre Hassles the Hoff

"I'm going to agree with David", says Michael.

The young Michael Buble impersonator looks utterly crestfallen.

"Only joking! Of course it's a yes!"

We think the Hoff is having a serious breakdown. He can't tell a good act when it's standing in front of him. That's not to say that we approve of young Michael Buble impersonators. We don't. Karaoke is not a talent. However, it does highlight the cultural gap between us and our Americano cousins. When we say 'cultural gap' that does of course mean that we have culture and they don't.

And a Brittney Spears impersonator? No. Definitely not talent. Unless you're going to fall out of a taxi in a drunken haze. And judging by the performance on stage, she had to be taking some recreational substances.

Right, here's an idea for an act. Have plastic surgery to make yourself look more like Brittney Spears, then take all your clothes off and dance around in front of David Hasslehoff, who is the judge least likely to notice that you're tone deaf.

Ace. The Queen will love it.

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