Sunday, 5 June 2011

Beware: Hotel Manager at Work...

We've been watching The Hotel, a cross between The Hotel Inspector and Big Brother, set in the Damson Dene hotel in England's Lake District. The Hotel Inspector because it features a rubbish hotel that deserves to be shut down and Big Brother because there are cameras everywhere.

Normally, we can't be bothered to write about it because the whole thing is edited to be flabbergasting throughout, with the staff lumbering from one shambles to the next.

But something happened tonight that really caught our eyes.

The manager, a nasty little twit called Wayne, has it in for the assistant manager, Marta. To be fair, they have fallen out with each other, big time. Both may be equally to blame, but the hotel owner, Jonathan, the creepiest alcoholic we've seen in a long time, sides with Wayne. We've seen this situation in companies many times over. Of course the manager has to protect the line of command. That's not the issue.

What gasted our flabbers was the fact that Wayne calls himself a manager but deals with a staff problem by ignoring Marta and doing his best not to have anything to do with her.

It doesn't really matter who is to 'blame', the manager should be capable of sorting out staff differences, especially since he's the one they don't get on with. Therefore, he should be sacked for being  an incompetent manager.

And another thing...

So a few staff have birthdays, and when all the guests have gone to bed, the staff get together for a little party. Wayne's not there. And as manager, he bloody well shouldn't be there either. It's bad enough him making sexual jokes with the staff as he eyes them up, he shouldn't overstep the line even more by partying with them. So he sits in reception by himself.

Or, to be more specific, he sits in the reception office, catching up with his friends on Facebook.

So one of the staff comes to see where he is and tries to persuade him to join the party, which he refused. Right decision, wrong reasons.

Then another member of staff comes along to see where the first member of staff is, and now they're both trying to persuade Wayne to join the party.

Wayne puts up such a spirited resistance that he forgets himself, turns around from his computer and the two staff members see.... that Wayne's flies are open.

Hmm... guests in bed... staff partying... I'll act like a good manager and say I'm on reception. Right, let's see if I've had any new messages from SexyMama99 of Belfast.

Now, since the cameras are running all the time, we presume there is some kind of privacy clause in the contract, because there are cameras in the staff and guest bedrooms, bathrooms and so on. So who knows? Somewhere on a cutting room floor, a very interesting YouTube video sits undiscovered.

No, Wayne's surname is not Kerr, and yes, we agree that would be funny.

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