Saturday, 28 May 2011

Britain's Got Judges...

...who seem to have a bit of a problem recognising talent.

Through to the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent, we have a man whose eyes pop out and a woman with three random chihuahuas.

The dog act was, unfortunately, funny for all the wrong reasons. This means that she can't be funny on cue, and her act doesn't really go anywhere.

The bulging eyes man? It's a trick, not an act. He would be great for a 5 minute spot on some other TV show, and we're sure he'll get plenty of work in TV commercials. Maybe he could be the new face of Wonga!

He could pop his eyes out and say "3000% APR! Wonga!"

What about a woman with a singing dog? It's been done on That's Life, thirty years ago. It would make a nice 'and finally' news item to lift our spirits after hearing about the latest recession that the Americans have caused, but it ain't an act.

The dancers? The French guy, we have to say, was the better dancer, but the Matrix guy was simply more inventive, more unique.

And he cried, which always goes down well with the judges.

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