Thursday, 30 June 2011

Jim Cheating on The Apprentice!!

In this week's Apprentice, the contestants had to make and sell biscuits.

The Asda buyer is interested in the Special Stars, "How would you launch it onto Asda's shelves?"

Jim jumps right in with a conservative and considered response:

"We would launch it with above the line marketing and below the line marketing and advertise on TV and maybe tie it in with Harry Potter. A very structured and strategic advertising program. With a wand and a wizard."

Later, in the boardroom, Lord Sugar questions Jim on his extravagant promises, and Jim stands by his offer to get Harry Potter on board and use his chocolate star.

"I stand by what I said"

Yeah, because it's not your money, you idiot.

Lord Sugar says that any idiot can get an order from a supermarket by promising a massive product launch. You spend £20 Million on a TV campaign and the supermarkets will be only too happy to let you use their shelves.

But wait, what about the Special Stars win? The massive order for 800,000 boxes that won the task?

Remember what His Lordship said? Any idiot who promises to spend £20 Million on TV advertising can get an order from the supermarkets.

So what Lord Sugar was trying to tactfully say was that JIM CHEATED!!!!!

So next year, we'll get on the show and then go into the big retailers, and this will be our pitch:

"Look, you and I both know this isn't a real product, this is a TV gameshow. So what say I give you £100, right now, and you order a million of my product. Everyone happy?"

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