Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Judges Have Listened... But They Still Don't Get the Point!

We're watching the live semi finals of Britain's Got Weirdos - as you'd expect.

Out of the Blue - Brilliant - inventive, unique, polished, entertaining, funny, we would seriously pay money to see them live.

Jai McDowall - what a superb singer and a superb choice of song. Outstanding.

Steven Hall - oddly compelling, but we do agree with the Hoffmeister. Funny, for a while.

Bloody hell, you're telling us that they put the following acts through instead of both Razy Gogonea and Michael Moral?????

Dance Angels - Not angel delights, unfortunately. zzzzzz.

The bloke singing nursery rhymes. Probably seemed funny when he first did it in the pub.

Mexican Mayhem - she made the mistake of rehearsing, when the only reason she got through was for being rubbish.

And not least, the artist, Nathan Wyburn. What on Earth were the judges thinking? Yes, it might be very good art, but IT AIN'T AN ACT!!!!!!!!

That's the point. There are some contestants who are entertaining for five minutes, but they don't constitute an act. We can while away an evening pulling funny faces at each other.

Maybe we should audition next year?



Simon announces that they made a mistake by selecting out Michael Moral. Of bloody course they did. They realised that they should have left them both in and let the pubic decide.


That much controversy means votes which means 0898-CASH-FOR-COWELL

But they missed the point of our complaints. It's not a matter of choosing who is the best dancer, because they were BOTH better than the majority of the acts in the semi finals, and each act should be judged only against itself and its own entertainment value.

And then we had some Brit award winner warbling and screeching in a rubber cloak. If the judges put her through, we'll be up there in person to show the judges our arse-kicking act.

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