Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Above the Law

Part of the fuss about the News of the World is the way that Rupert Murdoch just shut the newspaper down, literally overnight, in an attempt to show how seriously the executives take the allegations of illegal activity, and that they are fine, upstanding media professionals who won't stand for such a dreadful show of ill manners.

Yeah, right.

Murdoch did not close down the NOTW to show that he won't stand for such behaviour.

He did not close down the NOTW because the newspaper was too filth ridden to rescue.

And he didn't even close down the NOTW, as some have said, to try to hide evidence and make it difficult for the police to identify what actually went on and who knew what.


What Rupert Murdoch did was show the British government, police and people that he is above the law.

You don't like the way I run my newspaper? I'll show you what I think of your pathetic laws.

Try to tell me how my reporters should behave? I'll kill them all...

His decision was purely and simply a demonstration of his mighty power. And the British government can't do a thing about it.

Oh no! All those jobs! How could he?

We know this sounds cruel, but every employee at the NOTW is complicit in maintaining that cesspit of filth. It's like the people who think it's entertaining to chase and corner a wild animal and then rip it to pieces as it either dies slowly through blood loss, or mercifully quickly through stress, complaining that banning fox hunting has caused the loss of literally some jobs in the poor old countryside.

And not too long ago, many people would have been up in arms about the job losses when slavery was abolished. Where will I get a job as a slave driver now? Oh, what's this? A call centre team leader? I think I could do that...

The politicians all know what's going on. The question is, what will they do about it?

Answers on the back of a stamp...

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