Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Enter the Dragon

So, thanks to a phone hacking tabloid scandal featuring the captain of the Latvian women's shot-putt team, James Caan is forced to exit Dragon's Den.

No, not really, only joking.

It would seem that there are two types of Dragon in the Den.

The first type that say they are entrepreneurs, but really it's quite obvious that they're wannabe TV celebrities. We know this because they do TV adverts for Loans4Chavs, or they turn up at media festivals in Cannes.

The second type really are entrepreneurs. They spend a couple of seasons in the Den, enough to get themselves known, which increases their own market worth for book deals, new business ventures and so on. And then they move on.

James Caan is the second type.

He is replaced by a woman who, in any case, wouldn't be able to do a TV advert for Money Supermarket because her shoulders wouldn't fit down the aisles.

On her BBC profile, Hilary Devey describes herself as "funny" and says that the quality she admires most in her employees is self sacrifice.

She also enjoys working with children, as they don't have the same ridiculous salary expectations as adults.

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