Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'm a Celebrity!! Get this Inmate Out of Me!!

Well, well, well.

This week, we saw Piers Morgan on the American version of The Celebrity Apprentice. He's not a celebrity. He's not American. But that's OK, because Donald Trump doesn't have a comb over, so everyone's happy with the lie.

We saw Stephen Baldwin prancing around on a table with two half naked boxers, tipping coffee into the team laptop and ruining all their hard work.

The US Apprentice is very different to the UK version, with blatant product placement from corporate sponsors. In the boardroom showdown, the Trump asked the man with the hair if he could even remember the model name of the excellent value and high quality new printer from Kodak that they were supposed to have been selling. Hint, hint.

And his parting words to the loser were, "I love you, but you're fired".

Can't see Lord Sugar saying that.

Anyway, we digress. The point of this ramble is to share the wonderful news that the police enquiry of phone hacking at the NOTW has moved on. No-one really believes that hacking over 3,000 peoples' voicemails, all in the public interest of course, was limited to the NOTW. So let's see... what other tabloid newspapers had a history of dodgy reporting methods? Like faking a photo on the front cover of a British soldier beating up an Iraqi prisoner? Erm... that would be the Daily Mirror, under the editorial leadership of...

Piers Morgan!!

No wonder he was so keen to dash off to the US to seek his fame and fortune as a posh spoken, podgy faced English twit.

Now you may recall, and if you don't you can read the story here, that Piers Morgan denied, to David Hasslehoff's face, knowing anything about his staff putting a video of the drunken Hoff on the Daily Mirror website.

Did he know that the photo, and the story, on the front page of the newspaper, was faked?

No, of course not. As editor, he wouldn't get involved in such details as that. He'd leave that all up to an independent contractor who is no longer with them, and who moved to South America, and anyway, he's dead. And we deleted all his emails. And we can't even remember his name. But he wore sunglasses. And a blue suit. And had a posh voice. And was last seen arguing with Stephen Baldwin...

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