Monday, 1 August 2011


For the love of God, please watch this series of Dragon's Den on BBC TV, and then watch the BBC series from a few years back, League of Gentlemen, featuring the peculiar goings-on in the 'local' town of Royston Vasey. Alternatively, you will find clips on YouTube when you can spare some time in between videos of skateboarders smashing their brains out and monkeys and frogs getting it on.

And then, take a long, hard look at Hilary Devey. Well, not too long. And it's OK, you can keep your eyes closed. Because what you will hear as she declares herself out is the sweet and lilting tones of Barbara, the trans-sexual taxi driver from League of Gentlemen. And when we say sweet and lilting, we mean that they both sound like Bernand Manning gargling gravel.

See for yourself. Here is Hilary Devey, showing off her latest limo:

And here is Barbara:

We don't know. Maybe Barbara and Hilary are the same person. After all, we hear that Hilary made her money in the transport business...

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