Friday, 19 August 2011


Following the riots across the UK, the British government is getting tough on the rioters, threatening to evict them and their families from the council houses they live in which are in turn paid for by our council tax. The thieving spongers.

However, as many people are saying, where's the best place for the families of rioters? On the streets with nowhere to go? The problem with social housing is that you can't take it away when people depend on it, whether they choose to play by the rules or not.

Yesterday, I was driving through London and I saw a large group of police in full riot gear, gathered round the door of a flat. A large crowd watched from the other side of the road.

Full riot gear? Serious stuff.

So why wasn't the road closed?

Simple. The police weren't there for the protection of the public. They weren't there to take a dangerous criminal into custody. They were there purely for the purpose of propaganda. To show the locals, and anyone driving past, that they simply won't stand for this kind of thing any more.

And the best way to demonstrate this? Have twenty police thugs in full riot gear drag a teenager off in a police van.

Next, you'll see David Cameron on TV threatening to torture a kitten if criminals don't turn themselves in:
Oh, wait... It turns out that truth is indeed stranger than fiction:

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