Friday, 9 September 2011

The Death of 'Celebrity'

Well, that says it all, really.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 was won by someone who isn't actually a celebrity, in any traditional sense of the word.

He is, however, someone who has appeared in a documentary, and documentaries are now known as 'reality TV'.

So the next series of celebrity Big Brother will feature:
  • The woman from How Clean Is Your House who had poo on her bathroom ceiling
  • The man from Come Dine With Me who made a sauce out of tinned soup
  • The man who pitched a new design of light fitting in Dragon's Den
  • Someone who was dining in the restaurant in Hell's Kitchen and said that the prawns were delicious
  • The couple from Ground Force who wanted their garden to be an outside room for entertaining friends
  • The surveyor from Cowboy Builders who said that a builder's workmanship was "OK"
So there you have it. Famous people just aren't interesting any more.

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