Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hilary Devey - Don't Even Think About It

There's been a sharp increase in the number of visitors to this blog recently, and you'll never guess why.

No, go on, guess.

Because of Big Brother?

Nope. No-one's watching it.

Because of our cutting insights and razor sharp wit?

Nope. As if.

Because of Henry, the mild mannered janitor?

Now you're being silly.

I'm afraid to say that the answer is somewhat disturbing. Cover your eyes now if you are of a sensitive disposition. I'm covering my fingers as I type this, just to be on the safe side.

People; Internet using, computer literate, Dragon's Den watching people, people like you, are searching for "Hilary Devey naked".

Yes, you read that correctly.

Of course, we don't actually have any photos of Hilary Devey naked. We pray to God that no-one does. Saints preserve us. Mummy mummy mummy.

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