Saturday, 10 September 2011

Paddy Power!

Following Paddy's victory on CBB, we can now expect to see the following:

Paddy as the public voice of traveller's rights, campaigning against the dreadful way that they are treated by society. And do you have change for a tenner? I'll tell you what, give me the change now, and I'll go and get the tenner...

Paddy on every talk show. "So what was it like in the house?" "Well, it was a lot bigger than a caravan... and there were no police. I was used to the cameras, though."

Paddy in a Go Compare! advert. Unfortunately, they missed out with the Egyptian themed one, he could have come out of a sarcophagus shouting "Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!"

Paddy as the face of a new government campaign to stop kids getting into fights. "Kids, listen, I regret every fight I ever got into. Every one. Now stop fighting or I'lll punch yer lights out. And yer Dad's."

Paddy as a judge on next year's Britain's Got Talent. "What's yer name and what's yer talent?" "My name's Mick and I can tarmac a drive in 10 seconds flat." "Yer through to the next round, Mick."

Paddy for Mayor of London.

What a shame the News of the World isn't around, they'd have loved this. Their headline would have been "Paddy Power", like the bookies, geddit? Yep, that would have been right up their street. But not ours. We're way too intellectual.

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