Saturday, 17 September 2011

World Wide Yank

Hot on the trail of Hilary Devey's Google antics, never let it be said that we leave any stone unturned in our endless quest for more traffic to our blog.

It's a strange old thing; we mentioned Hilary Devey and Google indexed those words, which winged their way across the Internet empire and onto the screen of some spotty young chap, hunched double over his keyboard as he scoured the World Wide Web for pictures of said Dragon without her American football style shoulder pads on, hoping to light up his little cortex for a World Wide W***k.

So, since Gurgle brings us visitors for no apparently good reason other than we happen to mention something that is of interest to lonely people in their spare bedrooms, here's an interesting snippet from Google's search engine data; the 20 most popular search terms in America as of right this very minute.

1. ron artest
2. metta world peace
3. day of rage
4. mayweather vs ortiz
5. floyd mayweather
6. reno nevada
7. maker faire
8. lake powell
9. ron artest name change
10. oxford comma
11. the lion king 3d
12. pat robertson
13. detroit tigers
14. dolphin tale
15. boise state
16. sportsbook
17. chili recipe
18. hakeem nicks
19. the hub
20. apple crisp recipe

What, the yanks aren't interested in the events in Libya? Or the latest impending hurricane?

No. It turns out that the yanks are most interested in some idiot who changed his name to promote a video game, and a recipe for cake.

God Bless America.

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