Monday, 3 October 2011

Maisy Muscles In

Absolutely true to form, Maisy is now muscling her way into Louise and Jay's blossoming love triangle.

She has switched her attention from being Faye's best mate, dropping little seeds into Faye's mind like Aaron's not really trustworthy, there's something not quite right with him, I like him a bit and I know he likes me but don't worry, I think he likes you too but remember, you can't trust him. Yeah, but would you go out with him in the real world? Yeah, but would you kiss him? You see, I'm not so sure. I just think he's not really that into you, you know what I mean? I mean I get on with him, but don't trust him, he's just using you. I'm your friend. I'm the only person you can trust. You know what I mean?

Now she's saying the exact same stuff to Louise about Jay.

Just keep an eye on her over the coming weeks as she tries to do the same with every couple who pair off, bar Alex and Tom who are in a world of their own.

And hopefully, someone will step back far enough to see it in action and she'll get the slap across the chops that she so deserves.

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