Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Exclusive: Ant & Dec's Secret Love Child!!

We've been watching "I wish I was a celebrity, can I please come and humiliate myself?" for a while now, and Ant & Dec are as close as ever, with their witty banter and adoring looks for each other.

On the other hand, in between times, there's an advert for Westlife's new record. And we couldn't help but notice something very odd about one of them.

Further investigation showed that the Westlife member in question seems to be called Shane. You see, Shane looks a lot like Ant & Dec. Neither Ant nor Dec, but, oddly, both of them.

So we did a bit of DNA research on

Now, being a pop singer means that Shane can't smile. Louis Walsh has all their face muscles paralysed at birth as he grooms them for stardom. Meanwhile, Ant & Dec have been genetically modified so that smiling is the resting position of their faces. However, we think you'll agree that this proves beyond all unreasonable doubt that Shane from Westlife is the love child of Ant & Dec.

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