Thursday, 17 November 2011

Life Imitates Art

At least a year ago, we suggested some new TV series, including 'I'd Like To Be A Celebrity, Get Me In There'.

Well this year's romp in the jungle features such well known celebrities as...

A man off TOWIE. We waited 2 days until Ant & Dec told us what that even meant.

A girl in a bikini

Dougie somebody. Apparently a pop star or something. The public have voted for him to do a challenge just so that Ant & Dec might give away some clue as to who he is.

And beyond that, we're into one of our other suggestions of yesteryear - 'I Used To Be A Celebrity, Get Me Back In There'

And what new and exciting treats do the producers have in store for us? A bunch of dirty wannabees and hasbeens eating pig's arses, rooting around in boxes of cockroaches and shouting 'eek!' when they see a spider.

What could possible top that, eh?

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