Saturday, 19 November 2011

M&S = Miming & Sneaking

Well, M&S always pull the stars together for their Christmas TV advert, don't they?

But this isn't just a barrel. This is an almost empty, stinky, festering barrel. And M&S are scraping the bottom of it.

Is it just because they have selected the X Factor contestants as their Christmas baubles? No. That's topical and will surely appeal to the younger audience that their biscuit selection boxes and chenille cardigans are aimed at.

When Frankie left the show under a dark cloud and a drug filled haze of oblivion, M&S edited him out of the advert, replacing him with some pictures of Christmas puddings or spoilt kids or something.

But that's not a big problem, M&S simply wanting to distance themselves from Frankie's shameful antics. After all, you can't have the rock'n'roll lifestyle until you've earned it fair and square, not won it in a raffle.

No, the problem is that M&S edited out Kitty Brucknell and replaced her with video of AMY PINKHAIR MIMING!

Bloody MIMING!

So not only do they insult Kitty by removing her from the advert, they then pretend that Amy is anywhere near as good a singer by having her flapping her trap in time with Kitty's sweet warblings. It's not just a nasty rip off. It's a nasty, sneaky, underhanded, unfair, scene-stealing rip off, from Your M&S.

Your M&S, not ours. You can keep it.

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