Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sinitta's Spice Rack

Fatima Gaddafi is all bent out of shape, as usual, because Stephanie Powers didn't choose her for the game show. After all, as an ex-olympic javelin thrower from about 20 years ago, she was the obvious choice to throw a dart at a dartboard and, crucially, get the question right.

Then she gives Lorraine Chase a gobfull when Lorraine respectfully asks the Colonel to stop shaking the bunk bed around.

Fats would appear to be, to use a native Aussie colloquialism, "a right bitch".

Meanwhile, Sinitta gets picked for every trial because she is such a good sport, entertaining us with her squeals of delight as she roots around in a bag of cockroaches.

Anthony Cotton definitely had the right idea, politely asking the rats to move along and saying that he really enjoyed himself. No-one's going to vote for him again, are they?

And it would appear that Sinitta was watching last year's show and picked up Gillian's idea of stuffing her knickers with a selection of condiments. Gillian brought in some herbs and spices, Sinitta smuggled in the entire spice rack, a large tub of parmesan and half a dozen bulbs of garlic, which certainly explains all the squealing.

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