Friday, 4 November 2011

Wake Me Up Before You Go Bro

Goodness, Big Brother is getting more and more tedious.

The shopping task was to stay clean for the day. It's a cross between Porridge and It's a Knock Out.

The housemates have now completely run out of anything interesting to say or do, and you can tell from the state of the Big Brother pigsty that they know it's all downhill now.

All that we can tell you to summarise the situation is contained within the remaining housemates' favourite catchphrases.

Aaron Oookaaaayyy. Weeellll, um, I don't necessarily think I was being particularly manipulative was I? And I may be sorry if I hurt your feelings, if that meant getting a kiss and a fondle later.
Alex Ah'm gunna get a tickert ter the Olympercs if ah win ert. And ah'm gunna ave a biscurt. And ah'm gunna get mah tea and dunkert.
Faye Do you like me though Aarern? But do you reallay? But do you? But do you reallay? But do you though? But do you?
Jay Why ah'm canny like. Discoo.
Louise I don't know what's happenin' Big Bruvva.
Tom Look at me willy, Bab.

And don't forget the most wonderful catchphrase of all.... "You're one of my best mates in here"

So to provide some welcome entertainment in what is otherwise a wilderness, here are some jokes that we have come up with.

Did you hear about the bad tempered android? He had a chip on his shoulder.

I'm getting fed up of seeing Dermot O'Leary. It's like my TV's got Dermotitis.

Have you been to It's a site for sore eyes.

How do pirates relax? They get some arrrrr 'n' arrrrr

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