Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Captain Morgan's Rum Do

We recently delighted you with an account of Piers Morgan's fabricated ramblings, sorry we mean testimony, to the Leveson enquiry. He said that he couldn't reveal his sources when asked to say who had played him one of Heather Mills' voicemails.

The barrister suggested that he'd be very happy to get Heather Mills down to testify as to whether she gave permission for Morgan to listen to her voicemails. Morgan responded by saying that if people wanted to keep things private then they shouldn't talk about them. So if you're stupid enough to put personal information in a voicemail or email then you're fair game and it's your own fault.

The BBC confirms that, "The former wife of Sir Paul McCartney has denied authorising former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan to access her voicemail messages."

Can we expect to see Piers dragged back across the Atlantic to face perjury charges? Of course not. Because we have to remember all the good that newspapers do too. Like keeping tramps warm.

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