Monday, 20 February 2012

Everyday is Like Sunday...

Yes, Megalomaniacs International, we mean News Corp, have announced the launch of an all new, brand new, standing up for the little people, not at all tarred with the same brush and with all new, honest, privacy respecting, not celebrity harrassing journalistic staff (but only because they've all been arrested) sunday newspaper - The Sun on Sunday.

But hang on, we thought The News of the World was the Sun on Sunday. Same crap. Same reader's offers. Same style. Same logo. Same soft porn twaddle.

No, no, no, no, no. It's a totally different newspaper. A sister paper. Not the same paper at all. Not owned by the same people, not employing the same journalists, not in the same offices. Totally different. As different as chalk and.... erm.... chalk. One paper is printed Monday through Saturday, the other on Sunday. How much more different could they be?!

So in their never ending crusade against the business fat cats and celebrities who abuse positions of power, we presume that the first feature article in the Sun on Sunday will be about Rupert Murdoch?

The BBC thoughtfully played an interview with Murdoch from the 1970s where he was asked if he enjoyed the power of owning a newspaper. He said yes, of course he enjoyed the power, power to decide what people know about, what they read, how they vote. He said that newspapers can also do great harm by hiding information from people.


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