Monday, 5 March 2012

They've Used Your Money to Buy You a Painting

The BBC has reported on a wonderful use of public money recently.

"A celebrated Titian masterpiece, saved for the nation after a £50m public fundraising appeal, is to go on show in Norfolk."

"It is considered to be one of his finest works because of its ambitious scale, its unity of colour and subject matter and its historical importance."

"It was bought for £50m by the National Gallery and National Galleries of Scotland with contributions from the Scottish Government, National Heritage Memorial Fund, The Monument Trust, The Art Fund and the public."

Wow. £50 Million. That's a lot of happy meals. And from whom did we manage to purchase this artistic miracle? A private collector. No doubt some billionaire in the South of France or maybe some Yank had it hanging in his toilet.


"On Friday, the sister painting to Diana and Actaeon - Diana and Callisto - was purchased for the nation after a £45m ($71.7m) deal was agreed with owner the Duke of Sutherland."


The DUKE of Sutherland? So he would be a member of the Royal family, right? So that makes the painting public property. Because enough of our taxes already go to pay for the Royal family to ponce around eating swans and opening new motorways and having their photos taken with children in hospitals. £50 Million of public money, that's YOUR MONEY has gone right into the pocket of the DUKE of Sutherland who as a member of the Royal family sits on a whole pile of expensive stuff that he inherited FROM US the people of this land.

The Queen will be selling London Bridge to Boris Johnson next.

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