Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Is that a Berm in your Pants?

The American secret services have foiled another dastardly plot to blow up an airliner. Yes, those evil foreigners will stop at anything to attack the great American way of life. And if you watch Man v Food, they can keep it. I mean, bacon on a doughnut????????

Yes, the CIA have stopped a suicide bomber with a BOMB IN HIS UNDERPANTS.

Sound familiar?

Readers of Viz magazine will recognise the suicide bomber as none other than Johnny Fartpants, the young man who always has a commotion in his underwear.

Apparently, a similar plot was foiled last year when a suicide bomber's underpant bomb failed to explode, causing a small fire which other passengers put out.

We don't think that's what happened.

We think that an American tourist, laden with bacon doughnuts and an entire pig in hot barbecue sauce accidentally lit his own fart while trying to get his seatbelt around his enormous girth.

Come on, an underpant bomb? Which do YOU think is the more plausible explanation?

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