Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How Clean is Your Jungle?

ITV's teaser ads promise that I'm a Celebrity is returning soon..

Why does it seem so long since the last series?

Well, obviously because they had to allow enough time for a new bunch of feckless square-eyed hopefuls to become famous enough to qualify as celebrities. Because let's face it, if your career wasn't in the toilet, why would you bother?

Fag Ash Lil

Gary Barlow, pop's fresh faced little boy band crooner turned bad boy Simon Cowell wannabee, recently accused fellow X-Factor judge Talisa of having 'Fag ash breath'.

Honestly, with her looks, talent and intellect, her breath should really be the least of her worries...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

15 Minutes of Lame

Jamie Oliver's latest party political broadcast for the labour party.... we mean TV cookery show... promises to show you how to cook great meals in just 15 minutes.

Apparently, it's "in your face" cooking.

Well, where else would I be putting it?