Monday, 19 November 2012

Curious goings-on in Belize

John McAfee, the founder of the anti-virus software company of the same name, is on the run in Belize after the local police found his neighbour shot dead.

John has gone into hiding, using various disguises including a tramp and a German tourist, continuing to blog about his daily adventures while on the run with his 20 year old girlfriend (he's 67) and spying on his own house into to keep tabs on the police, who is convinced are trying to frame him.

Well, it makes interesting reading. At the time of one police raid, when he apparently ran out naked holding a gun, he was living with a 17 year old girl.

He says that he loves lots of people but doesn't care if they love him or not as long as they're honest.


He says, "If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant."

Some would say that they feel the same way about his involvement up to this point, too.

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